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Clear Lake Lumber, Inc. is a family owned lumber and timber services mill located in Spartansburg, Pennsylvania. Our 50,000-sq.ft state-of-the-art facility enables a much higher yield than stock of the same grade produced by conventional methods. 

Originally founded in 1973, Clear Lake Lumber emphasizes our "quality first" mission by investing in the latest technology to ensure the highest customer satisfaction.

Why choose Clear Lake Lumber?

Unlike other lumber and timber service mills, we utilize the full product of the log. Our bark is used as mulch, the chips produced from slabs and edgings are converted to pulp for paper, and our sawdust is burned in an EPA-approved wood-fired boiler, which provides the heat for our dry kilns used to process the lumber we create from the purchase of your timber or timberland.




All of our lumber has been kiln-dried and graded. 

We sell our lumber in pre-built packs that range from 50-1200 bd ft for our 2 Common and lower grades.  Primes and 1 Common can be purchased by the board foot.

We can S2S to 15/16" for .10 cents a board foot.

Pricing listed is for retail lumber sales, for wholesale pricing, please call us!  We sell 4/4 Rough and S2S 15/16" by the semi load. 

As the largest lumber mill in the area with 100 percent payment upfront, let 

Clear Lake Lumber

be your partner today!

Call or email us today!

Timber 814-323-5292

 Logs 814-392-6548

Office 814-654-7156 

Employment or Lumber

814-812-1896 or 814-654-7156 ext. 101


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